Townhouse @ 1237 North 29th Street

While Philadelphia row homes enjoy tremendous popularity across a wide demographic, aging homeowners can find them challenging for their raised entries, compact floor plans and intricate stair layout. This proposal for a narrow lot in the Brewerytown neighborhood aims to address these unique challenges of urban senior living. Focusing on accessibility, integrated outdoor spaces and adaptable planning, the design celebrates a safe, independent and productive retirement lifestyle in the residents’ very own rowhome.

The building massing is strategically carved out to create a multitude of open spaces. These open spaces enhances natural light and ventilation, and at the same time allow residents to engage with the outside without having to leave the comfort of their home.

On the street side, behind a pivot screen fence, a covered front yard (A) acts as buffer between the house and the sidewalk while providing a space for residents to socialize with the neighbors, rain or shine. In the back, an ADA accessible rear yard (E) can be used for gardening.

Ramps (1&4) replace typical stairs at front porch and back yards, while an elevator (3) enables wheelchair access throughout all floors of the home. Bathrooms, hallways and even outdoor gardens are also designed to be ADA compliant.

A “grandkids’ room” can house visiting family members or live-in caregivers.

1237 North 29th Street, Brewerytown
Site Dimensions: 14’X64’
Gross Floor Area: 1,350SF
2 Bedrooms with a Den | 2.5 Baths