Wallace Street Affordable Housing

Responding to a RFP by Philadelphia Workforce Housing Program, this development proposal treats the 7 scattered sites at the intersection of Wallace Street and N 11th Street as an opportunity to invigorate the north Vine Street neighborhood at large. A flexible duplex design is created to fluidly adapt to the unique dimensions of each parcel. Easy to phase, when completed, these 26 new owner-occupied, family friendly three-bedroom units can create a strong sense of community, while the 400+ foot new street frontage will complete the urban fabric and produce a safe and pedestrian-friendly ambiance.

The facade design uses two affordable, contextual and low-maintenance materials: brick and corrugated metal. Swatches of the two materials shift and sheer to create a dynamic visual experience from the street, while integrated awnings and planter boxes provide shading at a very low cost premium. Combined, these features enable the budget-friendly design to be highly “customizable”, inviting property owner to create an unique visual identity for their own building.

Special thanks to Jenny Wan for contributing to the design and production of this proposal.