Clamshell_Bandshell|  Chicago Architecture Biennale Kiosk Competition Entry

Chicago’s lakefront exists in the duality of warm, bustling summers and icy, still winters. This design for a small vendor space during Chicago Architecture Biennale aims to adapt to both conditions and engage visitors all year round. In the summer months, the kiosk provides vendor areas nestled under an outdoor, public seating terrace with elevated viewing of Lake Michigan and Chicago skyline. In winter, as activities on the lakefront dwindle, the kiosk disintegrates into two rotating halves to transform into a wind shelter. The kiosk roof with the addition of snow accumulation now serves as an effective insulator, keeping the shelter warm while framing a panoramic view of the frozen Lake Michigan.

Constructed of lightweight materials, the kiosk can reconfigure with only manpower. This enables the participation of the public in the twice-a-year event that transforms the kiosk. As an elemental act of architecture, this ritual marks the renewal of the seasons and symbolizes the continuous vitality of Chicago’s lakefront.