Southwest Hotel Mixed-Use Development, Beijing, China  |  北京西南饭店多功能综合体

Situated on Beijing’s fourth ring road, this mixed-use project is poised to become the new symbolic gateway of southwest Beijing. With 2.4m sf of gross area, the building houses a combination of hospitality, office, retail and institutional programs.

The design draws inspiration from rain forests where vertical symbiosis of many species serves as an uncanny parallel to the hybrid nature of these building components. The vertical city concept proposed here similarly encourages building functions to support and nourish each other as well as themselves. Based on observation made on use pattern of visitors, the circulation pattern takes advantage of spontaneous desire (shopping while waiting for the bus) as well as calculated arrangement (fine dining after the fitness club, a drink after work). Economic value is further enhanced by this mutual relationship of complimentary functions.

The hybrid mixed use building takes advantage of the ebb and flow of people using the building over a full day cycle. Careful locations of entrances, lobbies, and access points can reduce unwanted “friction” of movement between vehicles and pedestrians, office users and hotel guests, etc. If successful, both the right mix of uses and the location of circulation will reduce “dead time” and increase the vitality of the building, which in turn creates more value on the site.

Li Hao carried out the work on this page as an employee of PACC. Image courtesy of PACC & Handel Associates.